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Largest and Smallest Penis by Race

There aren't many studies to determine the minimun, average andmaximum penis size by race. One of them, conducted by Dr.Jacobus, concluded that there are differences on a basis of race.

Largest Penis by Race

The largest Arab penises were found to be between eight and teninches. But it was among the Muslim Sudanese that it was found"the most developed phallus" being nearly 12 in. in length, by adiameter of 2 inches. Jacobus concluded that the "Sudanese Negropossesses the largest genital organ of all the races of mankind".

In a less extensive survey, but equally interesting, Dr. RobertChartham measured erect penises for groups of men of variousnationalities. The largest organs for each nationality were asfollows:

1st Position: English - 10 in.

2nd Position: West German - 8 in.

3rd Position: African - 7 in.

4th Position: French - 7 in.

5th Position: Danish - 8 in.

6th Position: American - 7 in.

7th Position: Swedish - 7 in.
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The groups were small, ranging from only 9 to 121 individuals;nevertheless the data acquired are not without significance.

Smallest Penis by Race

In the Jacobus survey, mentioned above, the Hindu man wasreckoned to have a penis that only averaged around 4 inches, amuch smaller figure than for the other races investigated.

In the Chartham survey the smallest organs in the variousnationality groups were as follows:

1st Position: English - 2 in.

2nd Position: West German - 3 in.

3rd Position: American - 3 in .

4th Position: French - 3 in.

5th Position: African - 4 in.

6th Position: Danish - 5 in.

7th Position: Swedish - 5 in.

It's hard to draw some conclusion, as the sample group was verysmall. But is interesting to see that English and West Germanoccupy 1st and 2nd position in both the Largest and SmallestPenis Size by Race!

About the author:

J. Willey owns http://www.herbalxlarge.com

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